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Facebook players now "blocking" their items from being snagged.

by Linda Wicker - Nov 22, 2010 Star_s877 views

The same people who sit at the computer for hours force breeding and creating multiple accounts to get extras are the ones complaining that people who use the snag bar are lazy cheaters. They have found some app that blocks the snagging tool. I snag a couple times a day because I just don't have time to sit for hours clicking on posts like some of these "FV extremists" do. My snags have been severely reduced due to this new block. Is there any way to sneak around it?

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I am not a breeder just a FV player. I use the snag bar merly because when i sit here and try to click on the get the item within 5 seconds its gone so I have no alternative but to use the snag bar so i may play the game and build up my farm. I like the snag bar for this reason. I do not know how to do the breeding or have the time to do it with all i do other than play FV but I do love the rare horses. I am a horse lover and I wish i could just have some rare horses just to pretty up my farm. I have 2 clysdale foals and lost of dream clysdales and i think 2 rare foals (one given to me by one of my neighbors who breed it for me) but other than that I just play. Those who whine about the snag bar are just that.......whiners........shut up and play or just dont play. You have to go with the flow. If anyone wants to send me a paint foal I would take one.....LOL!! Since I just sold my beautiful paint colt (which I loved to death but couldnt afford him).

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