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Pumpkin cider problems

by Barbara D'Angelo - Nov 24, 2010 Star_s854 views

I couldnt' find anything on this subject, I have a new recipe in my winery called pumpkin cider, that uses white pumpkins and cranberries, even though I have tons of cranberries nothing is registering on the recipie so I can't make it, it does have a new picture of cranberries in the recipe but it is the same one that is in the market place when you buy cranberries so I don't think it they are a different type of cranberries.

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I also have the winery and found that new cider receipe to make. I tried to make it but said I didnt have any cranberries and no neighbors wereoffering them so I asked them to gift me some. I made a few of my other lower wines using grapes and cranberries and then it dawned on me that I just made two items using said no one was offering them. So I went back to the new cider receipe and tried to make it since 5 people i just got cranberries from and it told me cranberries available... SOOOO something is wrong in FV with the new cider receipe I think. I will see if anyone gifts me any to make but I hope Zynga fixes this so i can make some for the holidays!! LOL!!

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