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Facebook players now "blocking" their items from being snagged.

by Linda Wicker - Nov 22, 2010 Star_s877 views

The same people who sit at the computer for hours force breeding and creating multiple accounts to get extras are the ones complaining that people who use the snag bar are lazy cheaters. They have found some app that blocks the snagging tool. I snag a couple times a day because I just don't have time to sit for hours clicking on posts like some of these "FV extremists" do. My snags have been severely reduced due to this new block. Is there any way to sneak around it?

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Tim Greer - Nov 24, 2010

i am a breeder and i don't understand all the fuss, snagging is a way you can get things and not have to sit in front of the computer and waste the day away looking for items to put on your farm, . i send my foals out every 2 days whoever gets them is who gets them, i do lock some if a person request a certain foal ..i feel sharing is the way the game should be played ...true farmers will always give and help there neighbors for that is the true spirit of farmers ... add me if you need foals i don't care to give or share what i have for giving is better then receiving in my book , greed is what makes the world such a bad place to live in and causes all sorts of problems , as to the original topic , i know no way around the block besides adding people who dont mind if you snag ...have a great day all you gamers

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