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Farmville out of sync....slow/not loading

by Carol Gray - Nov 27, 2010 Star_s223 views

Once again, zynga is at its best......How long can it take to fix that glitch in Farmville? This is getting so old..Thinking when I reach level 100..going to find something else to occupy my time since Zynga cannot keep the game up and going. Is anyone else having the issues with not/slow loading, out of sync(especially when they add a new item)...cant help on barn raisings or try to send a gift and it tells you only your friends can do this/??????????? Get it together Zynga !!!!!!!!!!!!

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yup me too.....wont load no matter what I do. I figured i would sit on wall and try to snag somethings and figured i would see if i could hit help with barn raising and see if i could sneek in that way.....tried on 4 of my neighbors and i keep getting that message too... only friends can help with this barn much more friends can i be if I AM your again I cant help there......thank god I didnt join a co op last night I would have never gotten it done now with the time frame. I already lost a whole farm feild to the last glitchand it was columbines too ( not the cheap stuff). Now i have white grapes (exspesive too) and cant harvest them or do anything. really aggrivating!! So now I sit and wait........patiently........hitting the refresh bar.......hoping...........:(

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