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Please, dont't use the snag bar for claiming truffles

by Sławek Zawistowski - Sep 06, 2010 Star_s595 views

Recently a new feature, truffle hunting, has been added to farmville. The idea is that you send your pigs to look for truffles. If they find a truffle on your neighbours farm, you can post it to their wall. When your neighbour collects it, there's an option to send it back to you.
Now here's the problem, the snag bar claims the truffle, but doesn't send it back.
The only way to get the truffle you found, is to have it returned by the person you send it to. Nobody can claim that truffle, but the person it is sent to.
Right now, the snag bar is effectively killing this feature.
Please everyone, uncheck the truffles in your snag bar settings. Nobody can claim it but you.
I was very angry when I sent 10 truffles to people and haven't received any. Only when a truffle has been posted to my wall I checked that the snag bar got it, but I could not send it back.
Please disable claiming truffles by the snag bar, this is seriously against fair play. You don't lose anything when you send the truffle back, you also don't risk anything if you don't claim it right away, because noone else can take it.

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Bobbi Jo Woods - Dec 01, 2010

Not sure what the whole point of truffles is anyway? XP points? Coins? Collecting so many or posting so many that you get some reward?

I got the pig sty when it came out specifically because I got tired of manually harvesting 20+ pigs. Now I can do so in just one click. I don't feed them slop and only tried that once and did a few pig hunts but after that I failed to see the whole point of the truffle hunting... can anyone clue me in here? Seems like it's just busy work, to me. I've got crops to tend to and such.

I think it's worth putting feed into the feed trough because you get a unique animal out of it, worth putting work into the horse stable/dairy barns/chicken coops because you can find rewards that way, etc. But the pig sty thing? Not getting it at all.

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