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After I posted on FB about threatening emails about cheaters.....

by Camilla Evans - May 26, 2010 Star_s2,333 views

It is amazing!!!!!! I recently joined joined Gamers Unite and Snag Bar ...and i love it. I found out about it from email threatening to delete me if my name was on a list. So i went to check it out. I got quite a few emails like this. So I reported them with a copy of their emails to me, delelted them and then blocked them. Then i went on facebook and posted...made a statement trhat i did not want ny further emails to my inbox like this, etc..etc... I would not put up with it.. that it wastes my time, i report them delete them block them and I like gamers Unite and Snag bar after tryig out and I will remain a member!!!!!!!!!!!! Well.....I have not recieved one more email since then...and out of the comments to that post...none were nasty!!!! Job well done! Lets play!!

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Carol Hoyer - May 26, 2010

Thi Randi Myrvang Bråthen May 24 at 10:03am
This is infected and a lot of your friends can just dissapear if you do not exclude it. I will not exept gifts from u or visit your farm. A have been on gamers unite myself - but some friends of me warned me and now after four days I managed to get off this list. I will remove all of my friends who joined gamers unite. It destroyes your and your neighbours farm. Please get out of it... s is what I had sent to me. I haven't heard of any viruses have you?

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