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Looking 4 feedback about new, more accurate Snag Bar

by Gail Schauf - Mar 30, 2010 Star_s445 views

Update: Snag Bar is available to all by going here

Slowly rolling this out to *all* Snag Bar users over the next two days! But if you want to give it a try immediately, go to above page

And you should automatically be updated with the new toolbar (you know you're updated if the toolbar has an asterisk just above the preferences icon):

The new toolbar is a lot more accurate because their using official Facebook APIs and you'll have to give them permission to read your wall.

Added a lot of changes, so there are probably bugs - please let them know what isn't working.

Replies (35)

Watson Karen - Dec 07, 2010

Here's the latest SNAG BAR update, use this link -
I've been using it for the past 3 days n hav gotten over 1,300 items already. It's n AWESOME toolbar 4 sur. I really like the 1 clk gifts button. No more acceptin one gift @ a time crap. Now it's just a clk or 2 n u can accept all ur gifts @ the same time. GL

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