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What is your first impression of this new game from Zynga?

by Amy Wong - Dec 02, 2010 Star_s12,737 views

Just saw people starting to play this game so thought to let people know by sticking this on the homepage! Only played 5 minutes, but it looks really good. The graphics are fantastic (reminds me a lot of Social City) and the game play is like Frontierville, you constantly have challenging goals.

What's your first impression? Feel free to post tips and tricks (and bug exploits LOL)! if you are looking for neighbors, go to the add me tab :)

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Petra Barendse - Dec 13, 2010

You need a lot of patience, so in frontierville and farmville as a starter. After a while it gets better. But right from the start you have to make choices. It makes the game very interesting. It's really building a city........
What i don't like is the amount of coins you need for land expansions and some of the decorations you need to finish a job. It takes too much time on a certain level. It seems to be a nice game. Frontierville is boring the last weeks, without any interesting goals and decorations and things you only can pay by cash....farmville is still the nicest game.

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