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What is your first impression of this new game from Zynga?

by Amy Wong - Dec 02, 2010 Star_s12,737 views

Just saw people starting to play this game so thought to let people know by sticking this on the homepage! Only played 5 minutes, but it looks really good. The graphics are fantastic (reminds me a lot of Social City) and the game play is like Frontierville, you constantly have challenging goals.

What's your first impression? Feel free to post tips and tricks (and bug exploits LOL)! if you are looking for neighbors, go to the add me tab :)

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Ingrid Gudnitz - Dec 13, 2010

The expansion is pricey right out the gate, when we're buying & setting up. Now, I hardly have the room, but, I'm just collecting more than spending so I'm saving coins & half way there coin-wise to expand. :). It should have been set up for an increasing amount as one expanded more. FV's last expansion was too pricey, however, I was able to save coins toward the cost. Why are CV cash required, for energy? :(

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