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Offers and Surveys suspended

by Chao Lam - Dec 12, 2010 Star_s15,673 views

Update (12/30/13): Due to it's unpopularity, we decided to retire earning GU! coins from offers/surveys. We will continue to search for other ways members can earn GU! coins.

Unfortunately, we are going to suspend earning GU! coins via offers and surveys because Facebook has decided that coins earned by offers and surveys will not be redeemable to Facebook Credits. This will likely take effect Monday Dec 13th.

This does not affect any GU! coins earned so far, you will still continue to be able redeem any GU! coins earned thus far via offers and survey (and shopping). We will simply be removing the offers page from the site.

We know offers is a popular feature on this site for many users. We are evaluating other forms of redemption to bring back the offers page, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your support and patience!

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Tracey Mclean - Dec 15, 2010

so i have like 100 gu coins now...i cant convert them anymore??? what am i going to do with them???

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