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zoo world snag bar and bonus checker

by Denise Priddy - May 18, 2010 Star_s4,002 views

bonus checker wont let me accept animals off it. is the a snag bar for zoo world and how do i get it

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Susan-Mafiakitty Deck - May 29, 2010

Carey, Just remember one thing, those giraffe topiaries are UP GRADABLE to better ones. As are the Oak Trees. Using this bonus checker, I have many of the green (look black) and higher trees. I'll check out that Greasemonkey Add-on. I use FireFox exclusively now since my crash the other day. And stay away from a collector called LFAC (I think it was) something Live Feed Autocollector. That was what I was running when I got a real bad bug in this thing. Ended up having to scrub the hard drive and start all over. Froze tight. Don't trust it.

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