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Heads up: Snag Bar preferences changes

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Dec 20, 2010 Star_s6,196 views

With all the new snag items, the snag bar preferences for FarmVille has become a little unwieldly. We're going to make the following changes unless we hear lots of loud, violent objectsions:

1) Name changes

  • Pink Baby Calf => Pink Calf
  • Light Blue Pony Foal => Blue Pony Foal
  • Black Percheron Foal => Percheron Foal

Any others?

2) We'll be alphabetizing  the items and removing the images for the following groups:

  • Foals (also removing images)
  • Lonely pets(also removing images)
  • Orchard Seedlings
  • Regiftables

Any other suggestions? We'll probably roll this out in the next few days.

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there will soon Snag Bar City Ville?


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