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Snag Bar snagging everything? (Fixed!)

by Chao Lam - Dec 24, 2010 Star_s2,948 views

Folks, while updating the settings of the snag bar, we accidentally introduced a bug that caused the snag bar to snag everything when the "Brick, Nails and Boards" snag group (under miscellaneous) was checked.

Thanks to member Ben Sisko and mod Alan Attebery, we figured out the problem, and this should now be fixed. The fixes should automatically be rolled out within 2 hours but you can get the fix immediately by visiting this page:

New Bricks, Nails and Board snag group


Sorry about the bug - at least we fixed it before Christmas in most time zones :D Happy Holidays and have a Merry Christmas!

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Carol Lam - Dec 27, 2010

I have been having so much trouble with my snag bar for over a week. It is either snagging everything or nothing at all. It doesn't seem to work on explorer at all for me. I have removed and re downloaded it even on fire fox. I have even done the reload. Help

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