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Changing Cityville Name / or / Business Name

by Laurie Lou Toole - Jan 02, 2011 Star_s11,892 views

Is there a way to rename your town?  It's one of the set-up things we get at the start which I wasn't prepared for so I don't like the name :)

Can you renam a business or a headquarters?

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Sieta Meian-Majok - Jan 02, 2011

Yes. That can be done by deleting all of the said businesses in your city. So lets say you want to rename your florist, you proceed by deleting all of your florists and when you rebuild one, the change name box comes up and you can change the name. If you have any franchises for the florists, it will change those automatically as well so you don't have to go to your franchises and delete them too.

As for the city, you can only contact Zynga support and ask them to change your city name. you can also rename businesses this way without having to delete them.

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