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Helpful posts of the week - Happy New Year's Edition!

by Chao Lam - Dec 31, 2010 Star_s4,350 views

Wow, I'm just amazed by how many super helpful folks we have on Gamers Unite!

First, I'll like to thank a couple of folks who helped fixed GU! bugs:

Confused about Orchards & Seedlings on FarmVille?

Another of our guest writer,  April Evans, has been keeping all of us updated with the going ons in FarmVille including 28x28 Farm expansion for coins, explaining the Winter Countdown, the New Years Party and making helpful replies

Lance Frei shares How to get what you want out of a Special Delivery box.

Rainexel Zeehk did an incredible job compiling all the known bugs on CityVille.

Denise Broome and Yulius Hendra have been reporting on new FrontierVille missions, including the Cattle drive quest mission and the gingerbread missions.

Congrats to all winning our GU! members above! You should find 200 shining, new GU! coins awarded inyour balance. Thank you for being so helpful - please keep on sharing!

Thanks also to Alan Attebery for making a few of the nominations (hint: be nice to your mods :)

Please use this thread to nominate your favorite helpful posts for next week!

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Martha Baisden - Jan 03, 2011

My snag bar is working great. I changed my list of items I wanted the bar to snag. Now it is snagging most every thing I removed from my list. The same items over and over again. I haven't gotten the first thing from the new list . I get so many trees I don't have room for them now, but not one I have ask for.
What and whose wires are crossed, or is it not checked for changes on regular basis?

Martha Baisden

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