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Farmville Chinese links to get 3 free farm cash stimulus care package and + a Free Giant Panda Bear Link also

by April Evans - Jan 06, 2011 Star_s27,633 views

Hello players of Chinese FarmVille I have found some links that you will find helpful Smile

** tip for the panda link after clciking link I had to  refresh farm it showed in my  gift box

** tip on the other stimulus care Packagec click link then  look in your gift box use the fv cash one that is in gift box and then refresh your farm thats what i had to do for the fvcash to show up

You will get these items ONLY one time per account !!

stimulus care package for Farmville Chinese :

1 can of Fuel    3 farmville cash chinese game   1 unwither     1 White Goat

Fv chinese

Click here  for stimulus care package for Farmville Chinese :

Free Giant Panda Bear for your Chinese Farmville : One time per account only !! Some players report this link not working for them but I tested it and I recieved my Giant Panda bear .

fv chinese

for Giant Panda on your Chinese Farmville click here :

This is the Link to Start your Farm on Chinese FarmVille Start farming today

Click here for your Chinese Farm :

Enjoy Farmers have a Great Day Wink

*** These links are only for use for Farmville Chinese ****

if you have any more links you would like to add for Chinese Farmville just post them in the comments plz

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Suzanne White Stapleton - Jan 09, 2011

Hi Lewis, How did you get the panda on your english farm? Also, is there any way to change the language to english? Thanks! :)

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