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7/11 is giving away goodies for facebook when u purchase selected items.

by Erica Browne - May 31, 2010 Star_s97 views

7/11 has slurpees for farmvilles bonus now plus mafia wars a yoville. you buy the slurpee enter the code from the cup into 7/11 website it then directs u to log into facebook and u redeem your prize. They are selling many items related to these 3 things and each time u purchase something u get something free for the applications. i purchased the slurpees and received a giant waterslide with sheep going down them.

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Chameleon Vigilante - May 31, 2010

sounds cool but i dnt live near a 7-11 :( is there another way to get these items directly from the 7-11 site?

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