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by Vicki VanHorn - Jan 19, 2011 Star_s932 views

Zynga blocked snag bar after 125 claim per day. Well, we are all going to block Zynga games and spend our $1,200.00 a year to another game company. I can claim all day off the wall and end up with 400..I work hard for my game. Zynga can find all the people who do not spend any real money to mess with. Im done with Zynga.

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Carrie Beth Buzzelli - Jan 20, 2011

I'm already done. I have contemplated quitting many times because it is just too frustrating for me. It will take me a couple hours just to get into my farm only to have it go Out of sync & have to reload again. This is the perfect excuse to quit it altogether. I already quit every other Zynga game and kept FV cause of all the time I have spent on this game. I was hoping they would fix their broken issues someday but no they just keep on making it worse. I can't even complain to them anymore because I got banned from their forum for "Not speaking nicely" & their email system sucks as bad as their games.

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