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Upset about the Farmville Collecting Limit?

by Amy Wong - Jan 20, 2011 Star_s24,740 views

As many of you have heard, Farmville now limits the number of items you can collect from your wall to 125 items. (Wall to wall posts between two neighbors, barn raising help requests, and fuel posts do not count)

It might affect some hard core users, but the snag bar will still be useful because:

  1. The Snag bar lets you select what you want to snag. This really doesn't change even if the limit is 125. If you are looking for that rare foal, just select that in the toolbar preferences and the Snag Bar will do the rest of the work! Of course, this new change will make you even more selective about what you want to collect from the feed, so go set your preferences more often than ever!
  2. We will soon be introducing a "Stop Snag Bar after X number of items"! There have been requests to have the max number people can snag to prevent from real hard core users collecting 10 thousands Holiday Gifts. Since Frontierville and Cityville (yes you heard me right, Snag bar for Cityville will be available real soon!) also have limits, we were acually already thinking of implementing this as another preference where people can select the max number per day per game.  This will come in real handy for Farmville. Let's say you need 30 nails for the Valentines House. Make sure you select only "Nails" in the "Building Materials" and nothing else. Hit snag and forget it, go take a shower or something. The Snag bar will stop after it collected 30 nails and you are ready to collect something else! This feature will be released almost at the same time we release Cityville, so stay tuned!!

That doesn't mean that you can use the Snag Bar exaclty the same way you were using before the change. Here are some tips we think might help.

  1. Don't collect coins and fuel rewards if you have tons of them already!
  2. Need to collect lots of Water Cans? Here's an excellent post by Lance that lets you do by having lots of Snow man (He gets 78 cans a day!) (only have 14 days left so hurry!)
  3. Again, BE SELECTIVE! Don't just snag things you don't even want.
  4. Anything else? Please share!!

Choose what to snag wisely to minimize the impact :)

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Carrie Beth Buzzelli - Jan 21, 2011

@Shaggy P.S. Now that I am not playing I have more time to come here & read your ignorance

Blowing you kisses, While flipping you the bird.

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