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Top posters of the week ( Jan 22nd) Congrats for getting 200 GU! coins!

by Amy Wong - Jan 23, 2011 Star_s2,768 views

Wow, it was a very hectic week and we almost forgot to announce this week's winner! This week, there were lots of great posts about what people thought of the new gift limit, and while they were really popular, I've excluded them from the list because of political reasons :D Also, here's a little secret about our selection process. How exactly are we picking the winners from the most viewed and liked posts for the last two weeks? The answer is "the three admins take turns in choosing the winners every week and whatever post that admin liked will get selected" :D So, it's not a unanimous decision, we are all on our own when it comes to selecting the winners. What I'm trying to say, is that the selection process is very subjective. So this week I happened to have the privilege to choose the winners again, but on other weeks the other admins will choose the winners and hopfully this will even out the process more :)

Ok enough of the rambling, here are the winners!

Lance Frei - Need to know about snowmen? Read this!!! - This isn't about the snowman really, but how to get lots of watering cans without snagging from the wall. Now with the gift limit, this tip should be a huge help for tree breeders!

Tracey Harris - How to NEVER RUN OUT OF ENERGY! - Tracey wrote another good tip here about how to not miss that opportunity to ask your friends for energy.

Faisal Cool - CITYVILLE CHEATS // "UNLIMITED" ITEMS THIS IS BEST - Congrats Faisal! I didn't pick this post last week because I wasn't sure if it works but seems like some of the links do work ;) Please update the post and tell us which one works and doesn't :)

Teresa Donald - It's Official...the Prize for the ART COLLECTION is......... This thread is really short but love the way how people are excited about the rewards. Maybe I'm not the only one that was kinda disappointed with the other lightening collection rewards (like that gem trophy)

Josh Hofflich - Free way to earn XP - This takes lots of committment and hard work but it works! Let us know how many levels you were able to reach by using this tip!

Belmin Hodzic - Valentine Castle Glitch ! XP AND FV CASH ! - This tip is the same as above but Belmin posted it first. Belmin actually has lots of good posts but some reason it gets burried. Maybe it's the time zone? Anyway, I wanted to credit him for the same tip too.

Here are some of the comments that I really liked too!

Ben Sisko - Is your Snag Bar preference not saved? - Ben again did a great job pin pointing the problem with the excessive shovels being snagged.

Dave Warman - building - a bridge Seems like many people were wondering about this and Dave had a great answer!

Kelly Milam Dunkelberger - reply to building - a bridge - Kelly's answer seemed to help a lot of people!

In case you are intrested, here are the past winners:

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Congrat again to all the winners!

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Lance Frei - Jan 23, 2011

Thank You!

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