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Need to know about snowmen? Read this!!!

by Lance Frei - Jan 19, 2011 Star_s5,252 views

Snowmen are I think one of the most helpful things to have if you play farmville. Here is why, they give you watering cans. Watering cans are in short supply they are not shared very often, only if someone is watering a seedling already, with the new duck ponds or if someone harvests one of their snowmen. If you are interested in growing trees you should have a lot of snowmen. You need 10 watering cans to grow 1 tree.  There are 3 levels for each snowman. As you complete each level you will get 1 watering can for a total of 3 for a Dancing snowman. It is easier in my opinion to complete the 2nd and 3rd levels than it is the first.  Each of the levels are as follows:
Pile of snow, Smiling snowman, Dapper snowman and Dancing snowman.

You need 10 piles of snow and a scarf to complete the Smiling snowman level. = 1 Watering Can

You need 5 piles of snow and 3 snowman buttons to complete the Dapper snowman level. = 2 Watering Cans

You need 2 piles of snow and 1 magic hat to complete the Dancing snowman level. = 3 watering Cans

When you buy the snowman it comes with 1 pile of snow already. So you really only need 9 for the first level. There are 4 ways that I know of that you can get the snowman parts listed above.

First Snag them. FV recently has not been allowing me to share the posts. Hopefully you will have some luck here.

Second The snowball fight. When a friend visits your farm and throws a snowball at you,  you can "retaliate" by clicking on the link posted on your wall, it will give you a pile of snow about 50% of the time.

The Third way to get the parts is by asking your friends using the "ask for more" link inside your snowman. You are only allowed to ask 3 friends for parts within 24 hrs. Your friend has to click the link and share it back with you, so make sure you tell your friend about it so they know to look for it. Using this method your friend sends you a gift request which you need to go and accept.

The Fourth way and the best way is to ask for the parts needed by using the "farmville links for the snowmen" provided by one of the members here. If you have not used these then you should use them immediately! You are able to ask 40 of your neighbors every 24 hrs, to send you parts which go straight to your gift box. The link to the page is provided below.

I have built 26 snowmen x 3 watering cans a day = 78 watering cans every day. I no longer have to ask any of my friends/neighbors for watering cans because of the snowmen. And I have more than 65 orchards. My friends are also grateful, because everyday I post 25+ Watering cans to my wall. Which helps them grow their mystery seedlings.

There is still 15 days left to build them up. So act quick!

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Lance Frei - Jan 23, 2011

@Nicole, I also did not have any issues with the snowmen at first, but am having some now. I believe they gave everyone the cash that had a snowman from the start. I am not sure on why they gave it out, but am grateful for the cash so I am not complaining. Good luck with your snowmen!

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