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FROM Z: Snowmen RETURN for 3 weeks 02/03/2011 :D

by Teresa Donald - Feb 04, 2011 Star_s246 views

Hey Farmers!

Please know that the FarmVille team will be re-enabling the ability to collect Watering Cans from the Snowman for three additional weeks (2/24).

If you have deleted your Snowmen, please contact Zynga Customer Service and they will restore your Snowmen for you.

As soon as possible, we will be adding a timer to the Snowman that will display exactly how much time is left to collect Watering Cans.

Please know that we are aware our Community is looking for more ways to obtain Watering Cans. Because of this, we will be adding the ability to collect Watering Cans from Orchards in the near future, as explained in the following post:

Originally Posted by Stumpgrinder View Post
Howdy! We do see there's going to be a bit of a water shortage but it's going to be short-lived. Coming next week we'll be adding the ability to harvest Watering Cans out of your Orchards. We're still tinkering with the exact number you'll get from each, but essentially if you're harvesting an Orchard and you don't get a Mystery Seedling, you'll get some water instead (as well as the coins from normal harvesting).

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Lewis Bullock - Feb 05, 2011

The snowman harvesting was a limited time? SHIT

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