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I'm so sick of all the Gamers Unite haters - So I replied to them :)

by Rey Jay - Jun 29, 2010 Star_s2,330 views

I was on Facebook a little earlier and found this posting - so I replied, and so did a good neighbor :)
Here it is...
Claudia Roman
Claudia Roman via Pam Alley:
Friend ALERT – (Farmville Snag Bar) Gamers Unite | GamTrak Social Games
IMPORTANT ==> THIS IS WHY FARMVILLE ITEMS ARE GONE IN 2 SECONDS This is a link to see if any of your FV neighbors are using a snag-bar through gamer unite.
Linda Sue Farmer
thanks Claudia, i looked ,If i delete every one i know,its unreal i have 43 people. i wish farmville would put a stop to it.
Rey Jay
You know what? I am so sick of you whiners. Farmville can't put a stop to it because it is totally legal and against no rules. The snag bar only takes things that are posted on YOUR own personal wall. Get your facts together before you post something lady. Just because your part of the Gamers Unite site doesn't mean that you use the bar either. Are you really this concerned over a damn VIRTUAL game. Have you no life but to bitch about something so trivial. Something else you have no clue about is things that are taken so quickly. Did you ever stop to think that the people with many neighbors (100-300) have that many more people viewing their posts, so naturally it's going to be gone quicker. It has nothing to do with the bar. I'm so damn sick of you people bitching because you heard a rumor. I have the facts, and know the rules and regulations. Gamers Unite is not breaking any rules. Read up on it before you start posting B.S. If you got a problem with me, please do both of us a favor and delete me. I can get 100 more people over night.
Jessie Costa Ward
claudia: aren't you on gamer's unite? i see your picture there all the time as a 'fan' of the site. just because people, such as yourself are on gu...doesn't actually mean they use the snag bar. a lot of people go on that site to read posts/articles. once you even do that, you are automatically on their list of fans. and even if they did use the snag what? who cares? that is NOT why items are gone so quickly. you have to realize that a lot of people who play farmville have well over 100 neighbors. some of my neighbors have 300 neighbors. so yea...things go quickly. also take into consideration, that farmville only gives out a small amount of items/gifts to your neighbors when you post to your feed. so unless you are sitting in front of your monitor all day eating are out of luck. gamer's unite snag bar is NOT a cheat. nor are they breaking any rules with facebook/farmville. this is a game, it is not reality. its just a game.

Jessie Costa Ward
NO ONE, including Zynga and Facebook, has any way of knowing who has installed the FarmVille Snag Bar. For that matter, not even the Gamers Unite! Staff has any idea which members have installed the Snag Bar. There is simply no way to tell who has it. And before anyone starts shouting "but what about that list?", let me remind you that the list ONLY shows who the Gamers Unite! members are. It does NOT show you who has installed the Snag Bar. For while you MUST be a GU! member in order to install the Snag Bar, you do NOT have to install the Snag Bar in order to be a GU! member. Period. End of story.
Even if Zynga wanted to ban Snag Bar users, they wouldn't have much of a leg to stand on because the Snag Bar ONLY accesses a user's own News Feed. It has NO coding in it that accesses any part of Zynga. That means any banning would have to come from Facebook. But as we've already noted, not even Facebook can tell who the Snag Bar users are.
I'm so sick of these people putting up lame crap that just isn't true.
Some people don't even bother doing their homework.
They simply believe what others are saying. Apparently this first lady
got a link sent to her from another neighbor, so she posted it on her
wall and yet another neighbor replied to it. I then replied to her.
Needless to say, she is no longer a neighbor. The last two postings are
from a good neighbor of mine. I hope you enjoyed my drama for today :)

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Rola Touma - Feb 05, 2011

Hallo dear friends of Gamer's Unite,

I copied several times messages from my so called friend's and pasted them in here, ofcourse I am talking about messages where they threatening me for using Gamers Unite, so this is what I got today:

this is a cheaters site, if you are a member please take my name off your friend list, someone from this site is taking egg buddie eggs and not marking them gone

Isn't that ignorant or what? Not ignorant only but also funny, I answered her back that the Game bar that snags items deals with some of zynga games and has nothing to do with egg buddies!!!!!

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