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Is it just me???

by Barbara Allen - Feb 06, 2011 Star_s98 views

Is it just me or would other farmers love to see a coin price for some of the things which only display a FV cash price.  I, for one, am not sending my hard earned money to buy a fictitious animal or building.  I understand the "makers" have to earn money, too, but really? They want 24 cash for a pink valentine pony that I can't pet or ride and 56 cash for a deluxe lodge where I can't even curl up in front of the fire with friends & share a bottle of wine.  What would be wrong with offering cash price and coin price BOTH.  If we wanted it badly enough we would farm our little hearts out and earn the virtual coins and buy the virtual prize???

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Lynn Black - Feb 07, 2011

I was surprised to see a rabbit for coins yesterday and not fv cash. Most everything in the market is fv cash because many are putting money into the game and they see this and they will continue to put fv cash on items until people stop buying items for fv cash. I know they have to make money to keep the game going, but do they have to put fv cash on most all the items.

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