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Open invitation for ALL people who Hate the snagbar. Free ice cream cow codes for your thoughts.

by Ed Hirschel - Jun 03, 2010 Star_s6,727 views

Today i "appropriated" 200 pints of the Farmville ice cream. I am willing to give every one of you haters a free neo cow code if you can reply here in 100 words or less why you hate the snagbar, and why you want the ice cream code. If you can provide facts and not beliefs, I will deliver by way of facebook inbox, your code within 5 minutes after you post. Now please keep in mind that these were never paid for. But rest assured i have them. And to be honest my wife isnt happy about the freezer now being full of vanilla ice cream. So lets see your best fact based essay. Good luck to all. If you are weary of posting your essay here, feel free to send it to me in a message on facebook or use the inbox.

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Wilma Clay - Jun 03, 2010

What Ronnie Kenna said! She nailed it.

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