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Why doesn't my snagbar snag The trees I have checked?

by Ramona Greenwood - Feb 20, 2011 Star_s164 views

Why doesn't my snagger snag the special trees I have marked? I see them on my wall but I never get any? IE bubblegun trees,candy heart trees etc.

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Mel Park - Feb 22, 2011

Ok given the limit of 125... and the limit of space... the only things I really need are the speciality tree's I have a lot neighbours who send and I return.. I make around 2 million a day on my farm.. and I am a high level... I am not greedy but choosy what I want to get my stars... if the snag bar is slower than the human.. it actually makes it self redundant... I am not looking to take everything from the feed... but if the snag is too slow to collect the things I want.... what is the point?

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