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Gamers Unite!

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What new gamer tools are you interested in?

by Chao Lam - Aug 20, 2010 Star_s30,947 views

Based on past feedback, we're considering:

  • Gift Request Auto Acceptor: Receive all your gifts for each game in 1-click!
  • FrontierVille Snag Bar
  • Snag Bar on Google Chrome

Other suggestions? 

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Patricia Frances Turnbull - Feb 26, 2011

Google Chrome and Gamers Unite Whoo-Hoo when???? I can't wait to get rid of my internet explorer I only have it to deal with the one click gifts, but it's slow and choppy don't like it one bit. You seriously need to get it on Google Chrome, so many people use it for it's speed and accuracy it's simple and no adware with it, and as for a game to add to Gamers Unite Snag Bar Cafe World and Fishville. Thanks I hope it comes real soon :-)

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