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Get 47 cash for your dummies

by Belmin Hodzic - Mar 02, 2011 Star_s1,933 views

This was   posted on my page few days ago,  now i am poting it here
*requires new account
1. pop this link into address bar then press both "allows"(fv and mail) then pop it in address bar again as it will change to allow confirm jibberish in address bar so have it copied ready to paste again after allows if done correctly your dummy will start with 25 fv instead of 5fv
2. this give you a cherry tree, cow and 4 hay bales(good for Spoiled ribbon)
3. Refresh Farm receive "High Roller" yellow Ribbon (50 xp 50 coins. "Not Spoiled Gifted" Ribbon (10 XP 1000 coins) 2 hay bales your now level 3.
4. Lay 5 Hay bales & receive "Pack Rat" Ribbon "baled Out ribbon (25 XP 500 coins) You are now level 4
5. - 1 Goat, 1 Unwither, 1 Fuel and 3fv
6. - finally get the toolbar for the 10fv but make sure you clean your cache in browser be4 hand if you have used already Addons>disable zyngabar, only for firefox 3 or IE. Tools>Clear history>Cache, with your cache gone and bar disabled if you had it already install and restart firefox after that hit the "bonus" button on your newish toolbar and let it load your farm via you’ll have 10fv in your giftbox near your 3fv and it should say thanks on your screen popup if this didn’t happen you hit the "play" button in your toolbar and not the "claim bonus" button
7. Visit Model Farm for 5k coins
you WONT receive your FREE Mystery Dart until Level 10, when you reach level 10 open market & click "Play today" and you will receive a dart.

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Abchu Abhisek - Mar 04, 2011

this does not work

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