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Now you can snag Cityville!

by Amy Wong - Jan 29, 2011 Star_s97,123 views

Last month, we asked our members what game we should add on the Snag bar, and by far, the game that had the most vote was Cityville. Thanks for all who voted, and we are happy to announce that we have just released the Snag Bar with Cityville added! Your toolbar should be updated automatically, but if it's not, please click on the "Reload Toolbar" on the Snag Bar.  If you do not have the Snag Bar yet, you can download it here. Then, you can select Cityville on the Snag Bar preferences page to start getting items. (it is unchecked as default)

We also released another interesting feature, it's called "Stop Snag Bar after X number of items." This feature will allow you to set the number of how many items you want the Snag Bar to collect and automaticaly stop.

Since all of the three games, Farmville, Frontierville, Cityville have limits on how many items you can get a day, you can use this feature to have the Snag Bar automatically stop after it collected a certain number of items. For example, you might want to stop the Snag bar after you collected 80 Valentines and save the rest for other items.  Then you can set the Snag Bar to stop at 80 items and select the Valentines only. Should be usefull, but there are some caveats:

  • We don't stop when the Snag is in process. We scan your wall every minute to see what's avaiable so if there were many people posting that minute, or if it's the initial snag where we look at the history, it might already exceed the max number you've set. For example, if you set the max number to "80" Valentines, but when we scanned your wall and found 90 Valentines, we will still collect 90 of them. But it will not scan anymore subsequently. This should only affect people who have lots of game posts on thier feed, or people who chose a very common item that can be found a lot at each scan.
  • We will notify you when we stop looking for a certain game after it reached or exceeded your max settings, but if the scan is stilll in progress, we will still continue to snag for that current snag. But the Snag Bar will not look anymore subsequently.

For most people, the above shouldn't be a problem, but again, for people who have many many posts on their wall (in other words, many available items lying around), the max will exceed so if you are looking for a more precise way, you should stop the Snag Bar manually. Also, setting a really low number like the screenshot might not be a good idea if you have lots of posts.

Other than that, we think this will make the Snag Bar more useful for many people and hope you enjoy this new feature.

We are also working on not setting new released items added on the Snag Bar automatically selected as a default. For example, when Farmville releases a new duck, it is automatically selected on your preferences to be snagged, but because of the new limit on Farmville, we are considering to change this behavior.

Let us know how you like the Snag Bar, and if you have any questions, please make sure you go through the help page :D


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Sally Martin - Mar 07, 2011

I like the new feature, and I also like that it automatically assumes that I'll want the new item as soon as it is introduced, even before I see it. If you decide to stop doing this, I hope you'll add an option to continue doing it. That way I don't miss out on the initial offering just because I wasn't online.

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