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Shamrock pony vanished!

by Colleen Kay - Mar 22, 2011 Star_s50 views

I finally received my first shamrock pony and it dissappeared before I could click on my gifts.  Can anyone help me retrieve it?  I really wanted one. Thank you ck

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Margot Celeste Williams - Mar 22, 2011

Hi Colleen~ a little confused; when you say you finally got a pony, do you mean a foal (baby) or the adult? If it was a foal, no problem, chances are you will get more for sure. If it was the Adult, then: If you bought it from the market, you will need to contact Zynga. If it was a gift from a friend, then they will have to contact Zynga. If it was a gift and the farm cash was not deducted, then they will need to just re-send it to you. If you want, add me and I'll send you another foal, just let me know who you are :)

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