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Heads up: Snag Bar to start asking permission to "Access my data any time"

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Feb 14, 2011 Star_s45,336 views

Update (11/14/12): offline_access permission has been replaced with a longer expiration method and we no longer as for this permission.

We've been analyzing where users run into trouble with the Snag Bar, and quite often we find it's because members have for some reason been logged out of Facebook.

Beginning later this week, only for snag bar users, we'll start requesting for user permission to "Access my data any time". If you grant us this permission, we will be able to read your wall even if you are logged out of Facebook. We think this will reduce a huge source of snag bar issues.

Offline access permissionThis permission isn't absolutely necessary for the functioning of the snag bar, so if you've granted us permission, you can always revoke it via your Facebook preferences and the snag bar will continue to chug along.

We care a lot about member privacy and only ask for member Facebook permissions when necessary. That's why when you first sign up on Gamers Unite! we ask for only the minimal permissions, unlike some Facebook games that ask for a whole long list of stuff.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


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Shirley Segal - Mar 29, 2011

I uninstalled the snag bar then reinstalled and I still get that stupid ERROR * message. Am I going to have to uninstall it again?

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