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Gamers AGAINST Gamers Unite!!!

by Brian Wensell - Jun 03, 2010 Star_s1,106 views

This is one of the most bs face book pages I have ever come across ( They are now trying to claim the link to see who likes GU is a link showing who uses the snag bar. I am sick and tired of people not taking the time to check out the facts and posting total bullsh!t posts. Really now it it so hard to check and make sure you have all the facts correct before you post. And to delete a fv neighbor because they clicked the "like" button here at GU is just stupid. I even went to some of their members page and looked at what they have clicked "like" on and wow they like pages that are cheats for fv. Come on people grow up and act like adults and stop the hate crap.

GU thanks for letting me get this off my chest

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Stroobants Willy - Jun 10, 2010

i had just a Request to stop with Gamers Unite From Robin M

aho lvl 46 the Expert in Foals , he said on my home page in duch Langue ; stop ore i Remove you ,i have give him the reply that i have removed and blocted him for me on Facebook ,and i have done that also ,that make's a total for me from 268 persons ,i dont care about hypocrits like that sorry
Friendly Regards

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