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New care package - 3 FV cash and other prizes (4/23/2010)

by Sam Mathias - Apr 23, 2010 Star_s275,510 views

This is new one. Please try..


Updated by Bebe: I'm able to get it although I claimed one last week. 3 FV$, 1 unwither, 1 fuel, and a goat.


Update from Alan (10:48 AM CDT on 4/24/2010): The URL being used for this collection is the same as the collection from last week, even though some of the items received has changed. Like last week, however, you can only claim this Care Package (or whatever they are calling it this week) once. There has been no official word from FarmVille about the purpose of this new Care Package, and every thread that has been made about it on their forums has been deleted. We'll just have to wait and see if this becomes an weekly item or what.

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Teejay Worsley - Jun 11, 2010

just worked for me ...many thanks

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