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Frontierville Canning Master Missions (not a joke afterall)

by Tonya Collins - Apr 01, 2011 Star_s5,896 views

***Update, apparently these missions have started to roll out, so it wasn't a joke after all ; (


Ok, I was a little scared to post this since it is early and after all it is April Fool's Day. It is SUPPOSE TO BE an upcomming mission for April but it is a bit unreasonable. I found it posted on several different sites so I have my fingers crossed,  but Notice how high the food count is? If it is released I really see some changes in those numbers.  Let's just hope this is not some cruel joke (except maybe the numbers). I do believe I'm going to hold off on purchasing tons of peppermint for this one.  


Frontierville Canning Master Missions - These missions are not yet released so the details can change. (lets all hope they do!)

I.Tomato Gravy
    * Harvest 50 Tomatoes
    * Collect Three Butter
    * Have 5,000 food

2.Hot and Saucy

    * Harvest 150 Apple Trees
    * Craft 15 Fire
    * Have 15,000 food

3.PeppermintChicken Soup for the Pioneer Soul

    * Tend 300 Chickens
    * Collect 30 Canning Jars
    * Have 50,000 food

4.Winning the Blue Ribbon

    * Harvest 500 Peppermint
    * Collect 100 Cloth
    * Have 100,000 food




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Barbara D'Angelo - Apr 02, 2011

180,000 food??? I hope it is a aprils fools joke

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