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the Toolbar popups

by Chad Hooper - Jun 11, 2010 Star_s1,061 views

is there anyway to disable the popups in the bottom left corner they lagg the hell out of my web browser tool bar is awesome but those popups blow

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Tony Hull - Jun 11, 2010

I love the toolbar. Zynga's toolbar is not match when it comes to saving me time. But, I agree with making the pop-up optional. However, it IS nice to know when you have snagged a rare collectible or something your really looking for. Since the toolbar takes up one full line on your browser, would it be possible to create a message box on the left side of the toolbar, as a physical part of the toolbar, that displays the same message as the pop-ups? I guess it would work as a 1 line live feed. I've never created a toolbar before. So, I may be dreaming outside the scope of what toolbars are capable of. But, just a suggestion for the next update. :)

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