Wild Ones

There's a lonely puppy waiting for you. Teach him how to throw a grenade!


ok.seriously..heres the glitches and cheats..

by Mike Evans - Feb 22, 2010 Star_s47,830 views

Alright Fur balls!Listen up! If you want to advance and learn glitches and tricks...listen up!
1. To swim!!press the space bar rapidly in deep water.This can get you out of some tough spots...if your underwater don't shoot a teleporter..make it to the surface by swimming and then let the teleporter shoot!In the water it doesn't go very far..and don't shoot bees in water..They don't work!
2.In critter falls, go to the bottom left hand corner. get against the palm tree,shoot the transporter THROUGH the tree,repeat!shooting into the mountain,this will put you in the wall..you can walk to infinity HOWEVER you will lose points like your in water! i suggest shooting a drill gun to make a small hole once inside the wall!
3. Level up fast!Open three different tabs..don't worry about winning too much,you can try but playing three games or whatever your band with will allow is pretty hectic..but you can level up faster than a level every hour.Some people additionally kill themselves quickly so they get money and points faster.
That's all I got..but I'd like to practice glitches if anyone's interested to see if it can't be furthered..or to play private games with my group in wild ones ADD ME!

I would like to experiment with the control+w glitch..I know it divides your grenades by three,but if that works..why isn't there something else that does the opposite?I'd also like to experiment with the off screen cheat from the wall glitch and look at swimming and possibly flying?Oh yeah..BUY THE AVENGER WINGS !!!!There worth it!They decrease fall damage by 30 %..does anyone know a cheat to max out treats and coins?AND is there an easier way to get the lazer other than spinning the wheel!?I saw someone with this item..it is badazzzz!

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Willie Andrew Teng - Apr 06, 2011

yolando do you mean me? i am willie teng
the treat adder v3.0 works i think but i still haven't download it yet because of the surveys by the way add this yolando [email protected]
i have 2 accounts the first one has a number 1 profile picture and the other one has a number 3 profile picture just search willie teng
(my other account that has a profile picture of a number 2 is deactivated :D )

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