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Sheep Breeding Results *Seems* to depend on what you click first to breed....

by Tammy Wood - Apr 07, 2011 Star_s2,039 views

I've been tinkering with breeding the sheep and the *why* behind the sex and coloring of the sheep.  I did some testing on my own and may have come up with something.  Please note, this does not include any of the "fancy" sheep, or even the theme-related ones. 
But, it seemed to me that when I placed a ram and ewe in the pen to breed, whichever I clicked on first and clicked "Breed", that was the gender of the lamb.  For example, if I clicked on the Ram to breed first and then the Ewe, all of my lambs would grow up to be Rams.  And if I clicked Breed on the Ewe first, I ended up with a female lamb. 
Also, if I clicked on the Ram first, I would get a ram with Ewe-like qualities (colorings).  Vice-versa, if I clicked the Ewe to breed first then the ram, I would get a female lamb with ram-like qualities. 
So far, I've done about ten pairings, posted them in my photos, and my theory holds true.  Maybe you've already discovered this, or maybe this is just a fluke, but I hope it helps.

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Helena Goldenvicq - Apr 09, 2011

I tested it and you're right about the gender of the lamb... it worked for me many times. But about the colorings, it was different... even so, ty... it helps a lot :)

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