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20FV cash from Zynga , check your e-mail

by Sporty Lady - Apr 03, 2011 Star_s3,986 views

PLAYERS*** Check your personal mailbox for an e-mail from Zynga dated
around 25/03 ... They are giving out 20FV if you play Farmville EC. If
you didn't / don't get the FV when you went / go on the EC farm, contact
them through the chat and they will credit your account. That's what I have just done and I am 20FV richer
So it seems that the e-mail was sent to random players. However fellow GU member Lisa Bentley suggest this to get the 20FV.
Copy and paste this to send in an E-mail to customer support:
I never received (or may have deleted) the e-mail dated 3/25/11 re
the 20 in FV cash for the English country farm. Can you please re e-mail
me the link.

Here it the link to email Zynga :

Best of luck

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Nancy Crowley - Apr 11, 2011

I also emailed them concerning this promotion and this was the reply I received from Zynga customer support.
Hello Nancy,

Thanks for contacting Zynga Customer Support. My name is Helena and I'll be more than glad to help you today.

In regards to the Farmcash promotion, this promotion was available only for players who had stopped playing farmville since a long time, unfortunately the promotion is not available for players who are loyal and have kept on playing with us. Let me tell you that I appreciate your understanding and also admire your exceptional gaming skills.

Nancy, you are a valued farmer to us and I am happy to inform you that I have awarded you with 10 Love Potions and 10 Bottles to your Gift Box!

(it was kind of them to gift me potions and bottles, thank you Zynga CS!)

as a side note since this is the answer I received about this, I would suggest that if you did not receive an email to get farm cash, it probably means you weren't entitled to receive it, as stated it was for players whom stopped playing as an incentive to bring them back to play. Please don't use my response as a suggestion to get bottles or potions, this was given as a courtesy for me being a loyal gamer who inquired about the promotion. It is not something that everyone would or should expect to get for emailing.

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