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1-Click Gifts now available on Google Chrome!

by Amy Wong - Apr 11, 2011 Star_s19,718 views

Update (05/09/11 @ 2:16 PM PST): Please update our Chrome Extension to 0.3 if your 1-Click gifts isn't working.

We know many of you are Chrome fans, we love it too as pages and games load much faster than any other browsers; and we love the streamlined, clean and simple interface. In fact, all of the admins here have switched over to using Chrome most of the time, except for when using the Snag Bar :D Yes yes, the Snag bar is not compatible with Chrome (yet). But here's a small good news,  we have the 1-Click Gifts working on Chrome so you can accept all your gift requests all at once!

You can add the extension here:

We are still waiting for our toolbar vendor to make the Snag Bar compatible with Chrome, but in the meantime, please go ahead and try out the 1-Click Gifts on Chrome. It definitely works faster than on other browsers, so it might be even a good idea to accept gifts using Chrome and Snag on Firefox :) (or IE if you insist :P)

We published the 1-Click Gifts on Chrome on March 31st to test it internally, but some how some people found the extension and it got 159 users :P  (we even had a sign "still in beta, don't download" LOL)  We have fixed a bug since then (one of the file was linking to our developer's dev server) so if you happen to be one of the 159 users and have Version 0.1, please update to Version 0.2.

If you don't have Chrome and would like to try it, you can download it here:

Hope you enjoy it and please let us know if you see any bugs!

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Chao Lam - Apr 11, 2011

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