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Snag Bar for FrontierVille? (useless idea now)

by Edie Smith - Jun 10, 2010 Star_s17,550 views

I would love to see a snagbar for FrontierVille, I am constantly having to check my feed as it has a lot of stuff come up, and I don't have a huge amount of neighbors (yet LOL)

Edited to add, guess it is a useless idea now, what with the 10 bonuses from the feed limit.

Oh well, hopefully they will get rid that that blunder soon

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Teejay Worsley - Jun 13, 2010

I agree a snag bar would be most usefull as its a lot more of a challenge than farmville , just wish it didn't take 25 food to harvest 3 crops and only get 24 food back...something wrong with the maths there....but its so addictive.....I don't want to be beaten by a game.

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