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Top posters of the week 4/16

by Bebe Lee - Apr 17, 2011 Star_s556 views

Sorry for the late anouncement of Top Posters of The Week Award. I'm very much behind the schedule. Nevertheless, I've come across so many great posts and discussions during the past two weeks.

Farmville players have not faded their enthusiasm on breeding sheeps. There seem to be endless possibilities for new sheeps. Vanessa Galpin has kept updating her post COLOR CHANGING SHEEP - SHEEP WITH STARS COULD THIS BE A HACK? and provided her view into producing exotic sheeps. Tammy Wood shared her experiemental result on sheep breeding in her post Sheep Breeding Results *Seems* to depend on what you click. Maybe it doesn't work for everyone, but it's wonderful to see players sharing what they learn and experiement with others.

Tonya Jones Collins shared info about newly released Ponderosa Lodge Mission in her post Cabin upgrade, Ponderosa Lodge Missons slowly Releasing!

Belmin Hodzic gave us a peek into what's coming up next in his post Next update: Knight Castle , BlackSmith , King Horse , Robbin Duck.

Sporty Lady posted 20FV cash from Zynga , check your e-mail.  A few lucky ones followed the tip in the post and are able to receive the extra FV cash from Zynga.

My personal favorite is Clinton Stothard's post ( More Darts For Your Coins )TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ZYNGA ... He shared a neat trick to get free game dart from redeeming GU! coins (which never occured to me before I read his post) .

Contratulation to these posters who won 200 GU! coins for writing great posts and sharing information with us!

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Vera Mae Cook - Apr 20, 2011

Way to go all and thanks for all the leads and info I'm learning a lot more from everyone and have gotten a lot more players adding to my games thru gamers unite.. it's been an awesome month!

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