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invisible and invincible

by Alessandro Fabbri - May 11, 2010 Star_s1,461 views

i was playing and i saw this guy's name but i couldn't see his body sow i started shooting him and then after a while he had no life but he wasn't died he was still alive so this guy said on the chat amadeus and i said wtf what is it he doesn't die and then the guy said u can't kill him and then he said he can dig hole's all other the map and then i said wtf!!! how?? i didn't believe him and then the freakin thing started digin hole's until he came up to me and then i killed me with the bazooka does any one know what this thing is if u know tell me plz i wanna now thx bye

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Godfrey Chavez - Jun 14, 2010

i know were to get that trainer but they cost money

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