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by Annette Haynes - Jun 23, 2010 Star_s814 views

My snag page freezes and won't allow access. Change preferences etc. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same access...still get gifts (most)

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Vicki Myers - Apr 26, 2011

mine frezzes too and it causes my games all to stop working properly. not just farmville but all of my games . i have uninstalled and reinstalled it so many times i'm about to get rid of it. it also frezzes while tring to accept gifts with the one click thing for gifts.i'm getting fusterated with facebook they also ban you for adding neighbor's to play the games and they set it up so that you have to add people to play and get anywhere on the games. when you play them and you need to add people they shouldn't ban you for doing so.. i have expansions i can't get without neighbor's.

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