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Wild Ones Membership Hack

by Lyndon Joshiah Dy Buco - Apr 26, 2011 Star_s3,489 views

Membership Hack
What you need: 
* Mozilla Firefox 
* Tamper Data (An Add-On in Mozilla Firefox). 
Step 1] Press "start tamper" in Tamper Data. 
Step 2] Then click "UPGRADE" in the membership window in Wild Ones. 
Step 3] And windows will start to pop out, click "submit" on every "xd receiver" window. 
Step 4] Then after you submit it, a window named "ajax flows" will appear, click "tamper". 
Step 5] Then you'll see offer or order info (an option). 
Step 6] Press the right arrow to go right and find the price of the 15 months membership which is -576, change it to -1. 
Step 7] Then click "tamper. " 
Step 8] Then go and buy the membership in the Wild Ones window. 
Step 9] In Tamper Data window another "ajax flows" window will appear, just click tamper and then "Ok" on it, then you'll have the membership. 
Step 10] If you don’t have it, refresh your page and you'll find the membership! 
Step 11] Enjoy buying bats and hamsters, or maybe the platypus and dragon.

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Lyndon Joshiah Dy Buco - May 01, 2011

did it work

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