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Multiple gifting in some games

by Rola Touma - Jun 03, 2010 Star_s525 views

Hi, some of you might know that about multiple gifting, but for those who don't know here is a tip:

First, let you zoo completely load up. Then go to send gifts. Usually, like if a person needs 10 planting pots, that's easy to do but what I'm learning is that you can change the gifts around that you're sending at the same time. FIRST, right click the "Send Gift" tab and choose "Open in new tab" Do this as many time as you need to to send to correct number of gifts you want to send to that person. Then, after you have done all the tabs, go to the very last one, choose the git and press the "Send Gift" tab. That will give you the list of names. Choose the person's name to add it BUT DO NOT SEND IT YET - VERY IMPORTANT. Now, do the same thing in all the tabs, choose the gift, press the "Send Gift" tab to choose the name BUT DO NOT PRESS SEND YET. Once you have done this with all the tabs, including the original one, then go to the very last tab. NOW YOU PRESS SEND. You get the little gift window and hit send. Then do this with each succeeding tab making your way up to the original tab. Finally do the original tab, and say you did it ten times, the person you are gifting to will get the ten planing pots or whatever. You can experiment like I did and change the gifts around in the tabs. That seems to work. Good luck and please let me know if there was anything you didn't understand. OH ALSO, I think this only works with the Google Chrome web browser the best. Google Chrome browser is a way better browser for ZW anyway.
Happy gifting

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Wilma Clay - Jun 16, 2010

Thanks for the gifting tip. I didn't know about it, but I'll certainly give it a try.

And I totally concur about Chrome. It is the best and fastest browser for ZW and FV... and all the other games I have tried.

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