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FarmVille Introduces Level 90

by Anthony Parfait - Jun 16, 2010 Star_s20,393 views

June 15th 2010 brought many new items to the FarmVille market and to FarmVille in general. FarmVille finally has more levels in the game after tonight's update. There are now Levels 70 through 90. Previously, Levels stopped at 70, and farmers could continue to accumulate XP. Although this is exciting news, many farmers are disappointed because many level 70 Farmers are already promoted to level 90 without receiving the FV$ bonuses that they would have gained, for gaining the levels. The requirements in XP for Levels 71-90 are as follows.

FarmVille level 90

level 71 required XP = 443500
level 72 required XP = 454500
level 73 required XP = 466000
level 74 required XP = 478000
level 75 required XP = 490500
level 76 required XP = 504000
level 77 required XP = 518500
level 78 required XP = 534000
level 79 required XP = 550500
level 80 required XP = 568000
level 81 required XP = 587000
level 82 required XP = 607500
level 83 required XP = 629500
level 84 required XP = 653000
level 85 required XP = 678500
level 86 required XP = 706000
level 87 required XP = 735500
level 88 required XP = 767000
level 89 required XP = 801000
level 90 required XP = 837500

3 new animals that can be purchased with coins were also added to the FarmVille Market. These animals each carry a pretty expensive price tag.

FarmVille Belted Cow Saddleback Pig

These are the level requirements and prices to purchase these new animals:

  • Saddleback Pig costs 300,00 coins ready to harvest in 2 days – Level 35 to purchase
  • Arapawa Goat 500,000 coins ready to harvest in 2 days – Level 55 to purchase
  • Belted Cow 1,000,000 coins ready to harvest in 1 day – Level 75 to purchase

The new Hula Pig was added to the FarmVille Market as part of the limited edition Island theme. This animal can be purchased for the next 7 days.

FarmVille Market updates 6-15-2010

* Hula Pig costs 14$FV cash and can is ready to harvest in 2 days FarmVille also released a new green Mystery Box with a blue ribbon tonight.

FarmVille mystery box

This Mystery Box costs 16 FV$ and will be available during the next 7 days in the FarmVille Market. Many players are disappointed that this mystery box does not contain any new items, or the new Black Stallion. It contains one of 3 buildings, 2 animals, or 1 decoration.

FarmVille Mystery Box 6-15-2010

Mystery Boxes do promise to offer exclusive prizes that you cannot purchase elsewhere, but buying is a gamble at your own risk. Note, this box is a “Best of” past prizes.

FarmVille French Quarter I

FarmVille Shamrock Inn

FarmVille Vacation Home

The following are some confirmed prizes for this Mystery Box.

  • French Quarter Building I
  • Shamrock Inn
  • Vacation Home
  • Clydesdale
  • Moose
  • Old Faithful

FarmVille Clydesdale

FarmVille Moose

FarmVille Old Faithful

The Island themed items now have a third installment in the FarmVille Market. The new decorations will be available for the next 7 days and are available for both $FV and coins. These Limited Edition items include:

Island items level 70 to 90

Limited edition Island themed decorations:

  • Surf Shack costs 18 $FV and gives 225 Xp
  • Mini Beach costs 16$FV and gives 160 Xp
  • Trailer & Skis costs 7$FV and gives 70 Xp
  • Pink Surfboard costs 10,000 coins and gives 100 Xp
  • Hotrod Surfboard costs 10,000 coins and gives 100 Xp

FarmVille also added the Silo Home and the Wind Turbine to the market.

FarmVille Silo Home

Silo Home – Level 65 required to unlock and costs 1,000,000 coins Wind Turbine – Level 45 required to unlock and costs 1,500,000 coins Keep in mind there are only 2 days left to purchase the Blue Macaw, Tiki Masks, Roast Pit and Outdoor Torch LE Island decorations. FarmVille Added 5 Permanent Crops tonight. 2 New and 3 Previously seen as Limited Time crops. They are Bamboo, Lemon Balm, Oats, Posole Corn, and Saffron. These new permanent crops as with all permanent crops have mastery.

new FarmVille crops

Here is a list of the new Crops, costs, and level requirements:

  1. Bamboo- Level 60 required to unlock. Bamboo seeds cost 420 coins to purchase, ready to harvest in 16 hours and yields 550 coins and 2 XP, with a profit of 130 coins.
  2. Posole Corn- Level 54 required to unlock and must also master Corn. Posole Corn seeds cost 280 coins to purchase, ready to harvest in 12 hours, yields 370 and 1 XP with a profit of 90 coins.
  3. Saffron- Level 64 required to unlock. Saffron seeds cost 365 coins to purchase, ready to harvest in 10 hours, yields 450 coins and 1 XP with a profit of 85 coins.
  4. Lemon Balm (NEW) – Lemon Balm seeds cost 230 coins to purchase, ready to harvest in 6 hours, yields 290 coins and 1 XP, with a profit of 60 coins.
  5. Oats (NEW)- Lemon Balm seeds cost 225 coins to purchase, ready to harvest in 8 hours, yields 310 coins and 1 XP, with a profit of 85 coins.

And lastly on June 15th, Farmville added 6 new free gifts to the gifting page. Via the Free Gift tab you can send these new items to your FarmVille Neighbors, if you are at least the level required for each gift.

new FarmVille gifts

The new gifts include:

  • Mango Tree – Level 40
  • Azaleas – Level 50
  • Ginkgo Tree – Level 60
  • Floral Container – Level 70
  • Mangrove Tree – Level 80
  • Dutch Rabbit – Level 90

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