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Granny's Mother's Day Missions - Finding field mice for Granny's kitty!

by Tonya Collins - May 04, 2011 Star_s1,980 views

A Fancy Dinner:

tend 30 adult cows on your homestead

tend 40 pigs on your homestead or a neighbor's

Have or collect 2 bacon -

reward: 1 luch, 250 xp, 500 coins.


Granny's Broken Still:

harvest 20 wheat on your homestead

request 10 copper pots

Hire 5 friends

rewards 600 xp, 1 whiskey still, 750 coins


Granny's Kitty

harvest 50 tomatoes

ask for 15 cans of sardines

find nine field mice

rewards: 1000 xp, 1 Lynx, 1000 coins


The collect 9 mice feature works like the Rango did. When you open the progress bar you will see this screenshot. You will have to capture 9 mice which each come from a particular wildflower as shown in the pictures below. When you click on it a picture of a mouse will appear. When you collect 3 , 6, and 9 you will receive the rewards as indicated in the picture below. 


The lynx will give 44 coins and 25 food per tend plus a 10% chance of an extra 10 food , it can be sold for 3000 coins and 200 food and also drops mystery animal collectibles.




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Tonya Collins - May 09, 2011

I think its probably a glitch. I keep getting the pop up showing I still need 6 mice when I load my game but I have completed all the missions as well. 

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