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Suggestion for frontierville section of gamers unite.

by Harry Scott Shaw - Jun 16, 2010 Star_s8,446 views

In frontierville, you can claim bonuses from anyone, people you do not know. Etc..
I was wondering if it is possible if you can make another tab for frontierville called "Link Sharing" or something along those lines, and when you click them you have sections of sharing.
Food, Energy, Coins, Wood and Misc.
So people can claim other peoples links quicker and so we all progress on frontierville much quicker.
Just a suggestion, I think it would be a good add-on to this section. xD

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Harry Scott Shaw - Jun 17, 2010

Im going to make a website for farmville link sharing.
I've just started on the web pages.
It will be there until (if) Gamers Unite Admins decide to make one :D

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