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Fort Courage Shower Goals - Lt. Flintlock and His Soldiers

by Tonya Collins - May 13, 2011 Star_s2,519 views

Lt. Flintlock and his soldiers are traveling to Fort Courage! Its been a long time since they’ve seen home. The troop could use a little frontier  hospitality. Help them restock and clean up before July 15 so they can get back on the Trail.

Fort Courage Goals:

I. Harvest 30 potatoes

   Place the shower

   Craft 1 saw horse

   Reward 100 coins, 250 xp, 1 care package


2. Chop trees 20 times on your homestead or neighbors

   Harvest 50 peppermint

   Collect 10 soap dishes

   Reward: 200 coins, 25 cloth, 300 xp


3. Craft 3 Fancy clothing

   Hire 5 neighbors

   Visit 15 neighbors

   Rewards: 500 coins, 350 xp, one fast hands boost


4. Clean soldiers 3 times

   Collect 15 loofahs

   Have or collect 2 downy feathers

   Reward: 750 coins, 500 xp, One Equestrian Horse (an iron black horse decoration)


5. Tend 20 non-rideable horses on your homestead or neighbors

   Collect 5 daily bonuses from the barn

   Harvest 40 pink roses

   Reward: 1000 xp, 1000 coins, one toy soldier decoration


Building Info Min level 25, cost 1,000 coins and 10 wood, 12 xp when completed, Daily bonus gives water based mystery animals and energy.

To finish your shower you will need: 10 rust faucets, 10 bath robes, 10 towel racks, 15 pull chains, 15 clay reservoirs, 15 privacy cloths.

Once you build them a shower you will be able to give the soldiers a shower once every 8 hours. Once you complete the building and the goals they will be ready to continue on to Ft. Courage. They will then be gone from your game when you come back.

Shower collection: trade in for 3 enery and 5 cloth. You will need dirty water, suds, sponge on a stick, scrub brush and scent.





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Tonya Collins - May 15, 2011

I have finished the shower and was able to "clean" a solier but it will not allow me to collect the bonus even after refreshing many times. It still says "collect in:" and is grayed out.

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