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UPDATED: 1-Click Friends is now live!!

by Amy Wong - May 17, 2011 Star_s15,104 views

Update (05/24/11 @ 10:31 AM PST): 1-Click Friends is now live! If you have more than 15 GU! friends, go unlock the Torch item on your Profile page, Friends page, or your favorite game's "1-Click Tools" tab! Next time you play your favorite Facebook game, you should see the active friends drop down on the request dialogue box. Enjoy!

We have just released the 1-Click Friends feature, so if you have the Snag Bar and the Torch item, you can automatically select all your active friends when requesting for gifts or favor inside the game. Please let us know if you find any bugs!

Our 1-Click Friends FAQ is on our help page also.

Update 06/07/11: Here's a link to the video tutorial of 1-Click Friends:

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Many Facebook games now require you to ask/beg your friends individually for a favor to complete missions or quests. Last month, we had a little poll asking our members how they are choosing friends to ask for requests and gifts.

Many people were randomly choosing friends to ask for requests, possibly to friends who no longer play that particular game anymore (or never played!) The consensus was it would be great if there was a tool to find out our currently active friends who play that particular game (and not those who played a month ago) and send requests all in 1 click rather than manually clicking friends (sometimes randomly) 50 times!

Well, good news everyone, we are almost ready to release what we named "1-Click Friends" to our members! This feature will be rolled out to people who unlocked the "Torch item" first. (more on this later)

How does it work you ask? We first find out your active friends for that particular game you are playing. We figured that people who send you gifts and requests are probably the most active friends that you can rely on to ask for requests. So we keep track of your Game Request page (1-Click Gifts page) whenever you visit it. Also, we keep track of people who post game posts on your wall (although we cannot be sure it they actually gift) when you visit your MyFeed page or when you use the Snag Bar. This is cool already, but the cooler part is, then we automatically add your active friends when sending gifts/requests, so all you have to do is to click "Send"!

No more clicking 50 times to choose friends, and no more bothering friends who don't play that game anymore!! You can choose from 20, 30, 40, 50 friends to ask depending on the type of requests or missions. You can also manually add others who are not on the list, or remove people who you don't want to send requests.

Since this is still a very very raw feature, we are first releasing this to loyal GU! members who unlock the new Torch item. To unlock this item, you need 15 GU! friends on your friends page. This item is not unlockable yet right now (sorry, some people accidently unlocked it when we deployed it the other day) but once we release the 1-Click Friends officially, people who have more than 15 GU! friends will get the Torch item and the 1-Click Friends feature both at the same time! So if you would like to start using the 1-Click Friends as soon as possible and don't have 15 GU! friends yet, go invite your friends to join GU! :)

This feature is now live!!

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Lekhni Adelaide CW - May 21, 2011

gazillion gifts have piled up now.... pls fix the 1 click gifts issue... STOP THE FRIENDS POP UP ITS ANNOYING AND MOREOVER IT says its accepting my gifts but nothing happens.....

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